Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Mark R. Alfino

Department of Philosophy, Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA 99258
(509) 313-6753,,


The University of Texas at Austin, Ph.D. in Philosophy, 1989.
The University of Texas at Austin, M.A. in Philosophy, 1984.
George Washington University, B.A. in Philosophy, 1981.

Teaching and Research Areas

Philosophy of Culture, Happiness, Wisdom, Information Ethics, Intellectual Freedom, Applied Ethics, Ethics, Philosophy of Food, Moral Responsibility

Teaching Experience

Professor, Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA (2001-present)
Associate Professor, Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA (1995-2001).
Assistant Professor, Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA (1989-1995).

Courses Taught


Critical Thinking; Introduction to Philosophy;  Introductory Ethics; Philosophy of Human Nature; Business Ethics;  Symbolic Logic; Contemporary Philosophy; Philosophical Issues in Poverty Studies; Philosophy of Literature; Philosophy of Law; Philosophy of Language; Philosophy of Information; Postmodern Thought; Philosophy of the Visual Arts; Philosophy of Time; Happiness; Wisdom; Philosophy and Creative Writing; Philosophy of Culture; Philosophy of Italian Culture; Philosophy of Culture - Benin; Philosophy of Food; Moral Responsibility and Free Will; Happiness and Wisdom.


Theories of Multiple Intelligence (School of Education);  Philosophical Style, Research, and Writing, Hellenistic Philosophy (Philosophy MA Program); Organizational Ethics;  Organizational Communication;  (School of Professional Studies); Communication Theory (MA/TESL); Moral Responsibility and Free Will (Philosophy MA Program)



Books and Edited Volumes

Information Ethics for Librarians, co-authored with Linda Pierce, MacFarland and Associates, 1997.

Handbook of Intellectual Freedom: Theories, Concepts, and Cases, co-edited with Laura Koltutsky, (Litwin Press, Spring 2014). Winner of the 2014-2016 Obler Award from the American Library Association.

McDonaldization Revisited: Critical Essays in Consumer Culture, co-edited with Robin Wynard and John Caputo, Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1998.

The Future of Moral Responsibility, special issue of The Journal of Information Ethics, 28.1 (Spring 2019). Guest Editor.



“Advancing Critical Thinking and Information Literacy Skills in First Year College Students,” College and University Libraries, v 15 n. 1-2, 2008.

"Another Look at the Derrida-Searle Debate," Philosophy and Rhetoric 24.2 (1991): 143-152.

"At the Margins of Representation in Postmodern Philosophy and Literature," Comparative Literature in Canada/ La Littérature Comparée au Canada: The Unmaking of Margins/ Defaire les Marges, 20 (1989).

"Breaking Managerial Information Monopolies: Ethical Considerations in Setting Workplace Information Policy," Journal of Information Ethics 4.1 (Spring 1995): 5-10.

"Deep Copy Culture," in The Aesthetics and Ethics of Copying, Darren Hudson Hicks and Reinhold Smücker, Bloomsbury Press, October 2016.

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"Integrating Information Literacy Skills into a linked Freshman ‘Thought and Expression’ Learning Community” College and Undergraduate Libraries (2008), co-authored with Michele Pajer, Linda Pierce, and Kelly Jenks.

"Intellectual Property and Copyright Ethics," Business and Professional Ethics Journal, 10.2 (1991): 85-109. Reprinted in Robert A. Larmer (Ed.), Ethics in the Workplace, Minneapolis, MN: West Publishing Company, 1996, 278-293.

"Is there a Crisis of Dissent and Disagreement in Argument Theory?” Reason to Dissent. Proceedings of the 3rd European Conference on Argumentation, Catarina Dutilh Novaes, Henrike Jansen, Jan Albert van Laar and Bart Verheij, eds, 2019.

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"Naturalizing Wisdom," Regarding the Mind Naturally, eds. Milkowski, Marcin and Konrad Talmont-Kaminski, Cambridge Scholars Press, 2013.

"Philosophies of Intellectual Freedom," in Handbook of Intellectual Freedom: Theories, Concepts, and Cases, co-edited with Laura Koltutsky, Litwin Press, Spring 2014.

"Plotinus and the Possibility of Non-Propositional Thought," Ancient Philosophy, 8 (1989): 273-284.

"Postmodern Hamburgers: Taking a Postmodern Attitude Toward McDonald's," in Mark Alfino, Robin Wynyard, and John Caputo (Eds.), McDonaldization Revisited: Critical Essays in Consumer Culture, Greenwood Press, 1998, 175-189.

"Privacy, Surveillance, and the Good Life," cover story, The Local Planet, Spokane, Washington, March 18, 2004

"Rationality and the Right to Privacy." in Today's Moral Issues, ed. Daniel Bonevac, fourth edition, (2001). Mountain View: Mayfield Publishing. p. 307-312, co-authored with Randy Mayes.

"Reconstructing the Right to Privacy," Social Theory and Practice, v 29 no 1, January 2003, co-authored with Randy Mayes.

"Research Crimes, Misdemeanors, and Tolerated Deceptions," Journal of Information Ethics 5.1 (Spring 1996): 5-8.

"The Information Ethics of Polite Work Culture," Journal of Information Ethics 4.2 (Fall 1995): 9-12.

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"Two Futures for Library Copyright Policy," ALKI 6.3 (1990): 77-79.

“Universal Access and Its Asymmetries.” Journal of Information Ethics.

"Will the Center Hold? Core Values in A Changing Information Environment," with Linda Pierce, PNLA Quarterly 63.1 Fall 1998, 16-17


Book Reviews

Ethical Issues in Dialysis and Transplantation, Carl Kjellstrand, M.D. and John B. Dossetor (Eds.), Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1992, American Journal of Kidney Diseases 24.1, (July 1994): 155-156, co-authored with Paul Alfino.

Free Speech: Ten Principles for a Connected World, Timothy Garton Ash, Journal of Information Ethics 27.1 (Spring 2018), 125-148.

How is Language Possible? J. N. HattiangadiTexas Foreign Language Education Papers 2.1 (1988): 152-156.

How to Lose the Information War, Journal of Information Ethics, 31.2 (2022), 138-141.

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Oxford Handbook on the Philosophy of Death, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, June 30, 2013 (online).

"Self-deception and the philosophical assumptions of truth telling." Review of The Folly of Fools: The Logic of Deceit and Self-Deception in Human Life, Journal of Information Ethics, 23.2 (Fall 2014): 82-86.

The Case Against Free Speech: The First Amendment, Fascism, and the Future of Dissent, Journal of Information Ethics, 29.2 (Fall 2020), 104-107.

The Freedom to Lie: A debate about democracy. Swan, John and Noel Peattie. Journal of Information Ethics 22.2 (Fall 2013), 83-85.

What Snowflakes Get Right: Free Speech, Truth, and Equality on Campus Journal of Information Ethics, 29.2 (Fall 2020), 102-104.




Invited Lectures and Public Talks

"Abstract Justice and the Construction of Subjectivity" American Philosophical Association Eastern Division Meeting, December 1992.

"Academic Freedom in a Catholic Context". Gonzaga University.

"Business Failure & Corporate Managerial Responsibility," co-authored with Brian Steverson, Society for Business Ethics Annual Conference, Boston, Massachusetts, August 8-10, 1997.

"Business Values for Successful Business Partnerships," Business Ethics Workshop. Seventh Meeting of the U.S. West Coast - Far East Russian Ad Hoc Working Group, Anchorage, Alaska, September 17th, 2002.

"Copyright and Culture," Workshop: The Ethics of Copying, Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF), Bielefeld University, Germany, July 8-15, 2014.

"Critical Perspectives on Copyright" (Inland NW Health Sciences Librarians)

"Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum," Whitworth College, Faculty Development Day, October 16, 1998, Keynote Speaker & Workshop Leader.

"Darwin for Everyone!" Spokane Secular Society, February 9, 2012.

"Do Philosophers Have Anything More to Say about Wisdom?"

"Gaming Wisdom," April 11, 2012, Nammour Symposium, UCSU, Sacramento, California.

"Good Grounds for Metaphor," An Evening of Metaphor, Gonzaga College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Colloquium, February 12, 1999.

"How a Philosopher Looks at the News," Spokane Community College, Humanities Center, May 22, 2018.

"International Business Ethics for the New Millenium," Workshop On Strengthening Integrity in the Private Sector through Business Ethics and Codes of Conduct Programs, U.S. Department of Commerce Office of Eastern Europe, Russia and Independent States Good Governance Program, Foundation for Russian American Economic Cooperation (FRAEC), June 7, 2002, Seattle, Washington.

"Introspection, narration, and bias in the epistemology of subjective well-being," University of Southern Denmark, Odense, January 7, 2016.

"Is there a crisis of dissent and disagreement in argument theory?" European Conference on Argumentation, Groningen, Netherlands, June 24-27, 2019.

"Leonardo's Renaissance," invited talk for Spokane Museum of Arts and Culture, July 17, 2011

"Limits of Some Formal Approaches to Risk: Directions for Future Research," Delft University of Technology, Delft, Netherlands, June 14, 2006, with Randy Mayes.

"Managing the Work Ethic," 1st Annual Robert Spitzer Presidential Institute on Organizational Leadership, March 16-18, 2000, Cavanaugh's Inn, Spokane, WA 99203.

"Moral Terroir: Rethinking traditional approaches to ethical diets," Philosophy Department Colloquium, Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington, October 12, 2017.

"Moral Values in Complex Systems," Focus on Results, joint annual meeting of the local chapters of the American Society for Quality and Association for Quality and Participation, Spokane, WA, October 18, 1999. Keynote Speaker.

"Naturalizing Wisdom," Kazimierz Naturalism Workshop, 2008, Dolny, Poland.

"Neo-Platonism in the Florentine Renaissance," guest speaker at WSU humanities course, July 22, 1999

"Nine Suggestions for Increasing Happiness," Wellness Talk, Gonzaga University, December 10, 2000.

"Offense, Academic Freedom, and Speech Ecologies" American Library Association, Orlando, FL, May 27, 2016.

"Philosophical Method in Applied Ethics: The Case for Narrative Analysis" Eastern APA.

"Post-lapsarian and Postmodern Models of Language in Plotinus. Society for Neo-platonic Studies. March 22, 1991. 

"Relativism and Naturalism: The Case of Evolutionary Ethics," 3rd Alain Locke Conference, Howard University, Washington, D.C., September 15-17, 2000.

Relativism in the Representation of Philosophy" Interdepartmental Colloquium on Relativisms, The History of Science, and Literary Theory.  March 27, 1988.

"Rethinking Critical Thinking," keynote for PLATO Critical Thinking conference for Washington Community Colleges, Hilton Hotel, Spokane, WA, May 13, 2016.

"Some Limits of Transparency in Promoting Intellectual Freedom," Information Ethics Roundtable, University of Madison, Wisconsin, April 2015.

"Sourcing Values in a Food Philosophy: Notes toward a Moral Terroir", AFHVS/ASFS Annual Conference, Oxyfood 2017, Occidental College, Los Angeles, June 14-17, 2017.

"Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance and Evolutionary Psychology," Surveillance and Anti-SurveillanceMacCaulay Honors College, April 25, 2009.

"Techno-rationality and the Modern Academy," George Washington University, September 28, 2012.

"The 19th Century Macello at the intersection of Italian studies and food studies,” Canadian Association for Italian Studies, Orvieto, Italy, June 13-16, 2019.

"The Ethical Library: Responsibilities to Our Users and Staff in the Information Age," with Linda Pierce, Oregon Library Association/Washington Library Association Joint Annual Conference, Portland, Oregon, April 23-26, 1997.

"The Gospel of Prosperity," article for Gonzaga Magazine, December 2013.

"The Moral Value of Information," Symposium: Information Ethics: Gossip, Privacy, and the Moral Value of Information," 49th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Conference on Philosophy, Central Washington University, Ellensberg, WA, November 7-8, 1997.

"The Place of Narrative Method in Organizational Ethics"

"The Universality of Free Speech Culture," Presentation for the colloquium Enlightenment and Freedom of Speech, Institute of Philosophy, Jagiellonian University, May 19-20, 2017.

"Trade Secretes in Professional Services," Information Ethics Roundtable, American Philosophical Association Pacific Meeting, March 22, 2006.

"Trade Secrets in Professional Services," Spring 2006 Information Ethics Roundtable, American Philosophical Association Pacific Meetings, March 22, 2006.

"Using Wikis in Philosophy," Pacific Division Meeting of the American Philosophical Association, Westin Hotel, San Francisco, April 1, 2010.

"What Can We Learn from Postmodern Theories of Truth and Meaning?" Gonzaga University, March 27, 2012.

"Why Privacy Matters," Multnomah County Library, Portland, OR, May 4, 2015.

"Wisdom and the Negotiation of Standards for Evaluating Success," Nammour Symposium 2010, California State University at Sacramento, April 20th, 2010.



Miscellaneous Professional Activity

"Academic Freedom in a Catholic Context," debate with Fr. Robert Spitzer, February 25, 2002.

"Bring Back Librarians," Guest Opinion, Spokesman Review, February 12, 2008

Chair, Colloquium of the Society for Business Ethics, American Philosophical Association Pacific Division Meeting, Los Angeles, CA, March 26, 1998.

Chair, Colloquium of the Society for Business Ethics, American Philosophical Association Pacific Division Meeting, Seattle, WA, April 6, 1996.

Chair, Colloquium of the Society for Philosophy and Public Affairs, "Poverty Policy," American Philosophical Association Central Division Meeting, Chicago, IL, April 27, 1995.

Chair, Colloquium on Metaphysics, American Philosophical Association Eastern Division Meeting, Boston, MA, December 27-31, 1990.

Chaired session, "What is Pragmatic Ethics?," APA Pacific Division Meeting, San Francisco, March 25, 2005.

Commentary on Carl Anderson, "Anscombe on Self-Consciousness and Self-Reference," NW Conference on Philosophy, Pacific University, Forest Grove, OR, Nov. 10-11, 2000.

Commentary on Harvey S. James, "Reinforcing Ethical Decision-Making Through Organizational Architecture," New Work in Business Ethics, Colloquium of the Society for Business Ethics, American Philosophical Association Pacific Division Meeting, Los Angeles, CA, March 26, 1998.

Commentary on Jerry Cederblom, "Reason and Emotion in Argument," APA Pacific Division Meeting, Seattle, WA, March 30, 2002.

Commentary on John Oberdiek, "Towards an Irresponsible Theory of Distributive Justice," Inland Northwest Philosophy Conference, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho, April 5-7, 2002.

Commentary on Mark Weinstein, "Some Foundational Problems with Informal Logic and Their Solutions," Colloquium of the Association of Informal Logic and Critical Thinking, American Philosophical Association Pacific Division Meeting, Seattle, WA, April 4, 1996.

Commentary on Michael O'Rourke, "Aiming and Referring," Philosophy of Language Colloquium, 48th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Conference on Philosophy, University of Portland, Portland, Oregon, October 25-26, 1996.

Commentary on, "Ethical Issues of the Employment at Will Doctrine," Kentucky Philosophical Association, Georgetown College, Georgetown, Kentucky, 1984.

Commentator on Harriet Baber, "Ex Ante Desire and Post Hoc Satisfaction," Inland Northwest Philosophy Conference, Univeristy of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho, March 25, 2005.

"Come Together, Right Now," Editorial, The Gonzaga Bulletin, November 11, 2005.

"Common-Sense Philosophy?," letter, The New York Times Book Review, October 27, 1985.

Director, "Improving Teaching Through Technology," M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust. Grant, $56,000 for technology training and collaboration at Gonzaga University and Heritage College. 2000-2005.

Executive Board, Society for Philosophy and Public Affairs 1997.

"'Fair use' questions plague copyright law," letter, The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 18, 1992: B3-4.

"Finding Happiness and Wisdom at Gonzaga," talk for Gonzaga University Alumni, Washington Athletic Center, Seattle, Washington, April 8th, 2010.

"International Development: Gonzaga's Africa Programs," Spokane Unitarian Church, October 10, 2007.

Moderator, Panel on "Sacred Choices," featured speaker, Dan Maguire, Planned Parenthood Inland Northwest, Spokane, WA, April 8, 2002.

Panelist, "Genetics and Ethics I, II, and III,"  Medical Ethics Conferences at Sacred Heart Medical Center, Spokane, WA, March 7th, April 4th, and May 2nd, 2001.

Panelist, "The Human Genome Project: The Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications," St. Stephen's Lecture Series, Sacred Heart Medical Center, Providence Auditorium, Spokane, WA, November 16, 2001.

Panelist, Colloquium on Marketing Ethics, National Council for Marketing and Public Relations, National Conference, Seattle, Washington, March 15-18, 1992.

Panelist, Colloquium on Marketing Ethics, National Council for Marketing and Public Relations, Regional Conference, Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, April 7-9, 1991.

Participant, "Virtual Classroom Workshop," Washington Center for the Improvement of Undergraduate Education, January 20th, 1996, Evergreen State College.

Participant, American Bar Association's 9th Annual Higher Education Conference: Literature, History, Culture & the Courtroom, Fort Worth, Texas, February 11-13, 1993.

Participant, NEH funded summer seminar on Philosophy of Jurisprudence, led by David Luban at the University of Maryland's Institute for Philosophy and Publicy Policy, Summer 1991.

Peer Review, Articulate Contact: A Post-Semiotic Account of the Nature of Language, book manuscript, SUNY Press, reviewed April, 1993.

Peer Review, Ethics: Discovering Right and Wrong, Louis P. Pojman, 3rd Edition, Wadsworth, Publishing Co. Consulting on needed changes for new edition.Peer Review, Conferences papers for the 1998 Annual Meeting of the Society for Business Ethics.

Peer Review, Problems in Business Ethics, textbook manuscript, Mayfield Publishing Co., first and second drafts reviewed July and October 1996.

Peer Review, Thinking Ethics, textbook manuscript, Wadsworth, Inc, prospectus reviewed May 1993, manuscript reviewed August, 1993.

Peer Review, two conference papers for 1994 Annual Meeting of The Association of Management.

Peer Review, Wake-Up Calls, manuscript for business ethics casebook, Wadsworth, Inc., first review May 1994, second review May 1995.

Peer Reviewer, Canadian Research Council, 2015.

Peer Reviewer, Ethics and Information Technology, 2008

Peer Reviewer, Moral Philosophy and Politics, 2019.

Peer Reviewer, Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, 2004

Peer Reviewer, Teaching Philosophy, 2015.

Peer Reviewer, Wadsworth Publishing Company, 2005.

"The Ethics of Owning Cell Lines" for Ethics and Moral Perspectives Committee, Sacred Heart Medical Center, February 18, 2002.

"Using Clickers to Increase Student Participation and Learning," Center for Teaching and Advising, Gonzaga University, October 18, 2012.

"Why the Scientific Study of Religion is Important," The Socratic Club, Gonzaga University, December 8, 2012.


Intramural Professional Activity

Committee Member, CIS Core Curriculum Committee (2017-present), Library Search Committee (Spring 2019), Faculty Advisor to Multicultural Honor Society (2009-2015), Faculty Advisor to Philosophy Club (intermittent), Philosophy Department Colloquium Coordinator (2000-2017), Philosophy Department Outcomes for Majors Committee (2014), Co-facilitator, Inland Northwest Philosophy Association (INPA) (2012-present), Co-Director, Gonzaga-in-Benin Program (2013-present), Faculty Benefits Committee (1999-2011), Thematic Programming Committee (2006-2008), Center for Teaching and Advising Advisory Council (2006-2009); International Program Advisory Council (2005-2007), Academic Coordinator for Study Abroad. (2004-2008), Sacred Heart Hospital EMPC ethics committee (2003-2005), Criminal Justice Program Advisory Committee (1999-2001), Faculty Scholarship Advisor (1999-2001), Co-chair Budget Review and Reallocation Process (BRRP) (Summer 1998), Faculty Assembly President (Fall 1998), Faculty Assembly Vice-President (97-98), Web Steering Committee (97), Gonzaga Strategic Planning Council (95-96), Gonzaga Technology Committee (95-96), Web Policy Committee (95-96), Faculty Handbook Revision Committee (95-97), Faculty Assembly Constitution Review Committee (94-96), Library Committee (93-95), Fall Faculty Conference Program Committee, Co-Chair (1993 & 1994), Philosophy Club Faculty Advisor (92-93), Cataldo Scholarship Committee, Chair (92-93), Faculty Elections Committee, Chair (92-94), Publications Board (91-92), Admissions Telethon Chairperson (91-93), Philosophy Department Curriculum Revision Committee (90-91), Philosophy Department Reappointment Committee (90-91), Woman's Studies Planning Group (90-91), St. Michael's Institute Faculty Council (Facilitator, 90-91), St. Michael's Institute Academic Senate (90-91), Committees: University Copyright Committee (89-91).



Gonzaga Research Council, for materials costs, in preparation of book manuscript, Librarianship Ethics for the Information Age. Spring 1996.

Research grant, St. Michael's Institute, for updates to Guide Author, hypertext software. Fall 1995.

Research grant, St. Michael's Institute, for research on the development of hypertext courseware. Spring and Summer 1993.

Research grant, St. Michael's Institute, for research on U.S. social welfare policy, Harvard University, Widener Library, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Summer 1990.

Travel grant, for travel to conference, Catholicism and Hermeneutics, Conception Seminary, Conception, Missouri Feb 24-25, 1990.


Representation and Closure of Meaning in Modern and Contemporary Philosophy of Language.