These are some pictures which were taken at David Harrison’s Retirement Party on June 16-18, 1994 at the University of Oregon. If you have any other pictures regarding Dave that you would like me to post, or if you can help identify people in these pictures, please email me at

Charles Curtis, Theodore Palmer, and Ann Harrison

Ruth Ross, Ken Ross, and Andy Magid

Gary Seitz, Ivan Niven, David Harrison, Bert Fein, and Betty Fein

Michael Gilpin and Tim Ford

Ron Brown, Tom McKenzie, and Joel Schneider

Ivan Niven and David Harrison

Sherry Ettlich, Paul Civin, Fred Andrews, Joyce Andrews, and David Harrison

Ron Brown, Marie Vitulli, Ken Valente, Karin Deck, and Tom McKenzie

Michael Barr, Peter Freyd, and Ken Valente

Tom McKenzie, Edward Ingraham, Joel Schneider, and Ron Brown

Tim Ford, Frank DeMeyer, and David Harrison