Kate Kearney

Gonzaga University Mathematics
Office: Herak 227B
Email: kearney@gonzaga.edu
Curriculum Vitae

Welcome to my webpage. I am an assistant professor at Gonzaga University.

I graduated from Indiana University in 2011. I spent 2011-2014 working as a postdoc at Louisiana State University. I study Knot Theory, and completed my thesis with Chuck Livingston. In particular, my work focuses on the relationship between knots and surfaces. For my thesis, I used the d-invariant from Heegaard Floer theory as an obstruction to knots bounding mobius bands. I have also researched the concordance genus and the stable concordance genus of knots, Klein knots and links, and knotoids.
• Knots Related by Knotoids with Colin Adams, Allison Henrich, and Nicholas Scoville
A classification of Klein links as torus links with Steven Beres, Vesta Coufal, Kaia Hlavacek, Ryan Lattanzi, Hayley Olson, Joel Pereira and Bryan Strub
The Concordance Genus of 11--Crossing Knots
The Stable Concordance Genus
• An Obstruction to Knots Bounding Mobius Bands in B^4

This fall I am teaching Discrete Math (Math 231) and Geometry (Math 341) at Gonzaga. Current students should find their course webpages here:
Discrete Math (Fall 2018)
Geometry 341 (Fall 2018)

I recently taught:
Calculus 157 (Summer 2018)
ODE (Summer 2018)
Fundamentals of Mathematics
Linear Algebra
Discrete Math (Spring 2017)
Calculus 259 (Spring 2017)
Calculus 258 Sections 01 & 03 (Fall 2016)
Topology (Fall 2016)
Calculus 157 (Summer 2016)
Fundamentals of Mathematics (Spring 2016)
Knot Theory (Spring 2016)
Combinatorics and Graph Theory (Fall 2015)
Calculus 258 Sections 02 & 05 (Spring 2015)
Linear Algebra (Spring 2015)
Calculus 157 Section 02 & 05 (Fall 2014)
Geometry 341 (Fall 2014)

• Math 7550 Differential Topology and Geometry (Spring 2014)
• Math 2020 Discrete Problem Solving (Fall 2013)
• Math 4005 Geometry (Spring 2013)
• Math 7590 Braids and Braid Groups (Fall 2013)
• Math 4171 Intro to Graph Theory (Spring 2012)
• Math 1552 Calculus II (Fall 2011)

• M118 Finite Math (Fall 2008, Fall 2009, Fall 2010)
• J110 Problem Solving (Summer 2007, Summer 2008, Summer 2009, Summer 2010)
• D116 Finite Math I (Spring 2009)
• M025 Precalculus (Fall 2006, Spring 2007, Spring 2008)
• M027 Precalculus with Trig (Fall 2005, Spring 2006, Fall 2007)

Here are slides from a few talks I have recently given:
An Obstruction to Knots bounding Mobius bands in B^4 - Program for Women and Math - Institute for Advanced Study 2012
The Stable Concordance Genus - Lloyd Roeling Conference - University of Louisiana, Lafayette 2013
Concordance Genus of 11-Crossing Knots - AMS Sectional Meeting - Tulane - 2012
Knots, Concordance and More - GEAUX Program for Incoming Graduate Students - LSU - 2013

I co-organized the Baton Rouge Young Topologists Research Retreat with Moshe Cohen at LSU in January 2012.

I also enjoy climbing, baking, and knitting, among other things.
I occasionally post on a food blog that I share with my family about some my favorite cooking and baking projects.
Joe Kearney, my dad, is a Professor of Computer Science at University of Iowa.
Bridget Kearney, my sister, is a musician in Lake Street Dive
Margaret Kearney, my other sister, is a textile artist.
My mom and my brother, Matt, are pretty cool too, but don't have websites for me to post here.